Yapper Valley Pet Resort

219 Crabb Rd

Woodstock, 4816


(07) 4778 8843

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110 acres that is all yours. The possibilities are endless. The whole block has been fenced with premium mesh fencing allowing you to run any livestock of your choosing. A solar bore pump allows you to pump ample water for free. Have you ever dreamed of being self sufficient or dipping your toes into a farming lifestyle? Having some bike tracks for the kids to have all to themselves? Or perhaps you would prefer to leave the block untouched and enjoy the various flora and fauna the bush has to offer. A rich variety of birds and other wildlife peruse the block at their leisure and are sure to attract the most dedicated wildlife lovers.

Woodstock is located in Townsville, North Queensland and has on average over 300 days of sun per year with plenty to do and see. Townsville is surrounded by the majestic Great Barrier Reef and is a stones throw to magnificent island paradises such as Magnetic Island. There are numerous family friendly attractions including Reef HQ, The Museum of Tropical Queensland, Billabong Sanctuary and The Strand. James Cook University is also located here and is one of the top universities in Australia. Townsville has a great community feel and supports our own local sports teams including The NQ Cowboys. There is something for everyone with beautiful beaches, community markets, numerous shopping centers and plenty of sport and recreational activities to occupy your time.